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50th Batch: It’s all Golden

This weekend we brewed our 50th batch of beer. It really feels like a milestone! We’re just a small brewery in Favoriten (1100 Wien) doing something we love: and we love it so much that we do it in our spare time 😯

This was a really fun brewday with Alex (our soon to be lead Brewer) and Dimitri (our friend and protégé, who knows loads about brew science by the way). We filled 1000 litres of lager and brewed 1000 litres of our latest Golden Ale iteration: hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic and Ekuanot.

Whilst a brewday can be done by one person alone, brewing with good beer people really makes it better. It is great discussing process improvements, future recipes and generally talking about all things beery with passionate and knowledgeable people.

So, here’s to you Alex and Dimitri: current (in my mind) and future brew legends 🍻

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