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Beer Fest 2021: Austrian Beer Day & Hangover Day

2 nights, 4 totally independently owned Austrian breweries and more than 20 different beers on offer!

Sounds like the makings of a party . . . and it was 😂 It was a pleasure to host our friends from Vienna (Anna & Roland from @braumanufakturschalken and Tina & Will from @schnauzerandbeagle) and Graz (Alfie from @alefried).

We all had a great time and wanted to thank everyone that came to join us. We tried to do it last year but alas, it was not possible due to Covid restrictions. This year we managed to make it happen and thanks to you all showing your support, next year we have (much) bigger plans. Watch this space 😉

Aside from our wonderful beer offerings, an American gentleman (sorry, I forget your name . . . my bad, a free beer on me when I see you next) was kind enough to have done a BYO (Bring Your Own) job and turned up to our beer fest with his own supply. Luckily for us it was just one bottle, was pretty fresh (less than 2 months since packaging) and he was in a sharing mood. You May have heard of the brewery and the beer: Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Company 🤪 ‘Twas a beautiful drop and thanks once again for sharing: was awesome!!!

The whole two days was a genuinely humbling experience for us. As independent, small batch and actual breweries (we brew our own beer) it is not always easy but it is always fun. So thanks once again to all of you that came and ‘until next time’, for those that couldn’t make it 🍻

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