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10er Ziegel: Pushing the limits

So, about 6 weeks ago we brewed a 2000 litre batch of our 10er Ziegel (Helles) beer. Our Mash Tun had its limits tested with this batch: it is only a 5.2% beer (so not a crazy amount of malt) but we like to brew our Helles with a higher water:grist ratio.

As you can see, we really couldn’t get anymore in. Most of our brews, especially when we go over 5.5%, tend to be 1000 litre batches (so ‘half batch’ brews) but for some of our smaller alcohol beers, we can really push out 2000 litres of the good stuff 🍺

This batch is all going into kegs (we need to replenish stocks after a busy and thirsty Summer but cans will be coming again soon). Pop into our Brewery / Bar / Taproom from October 13th to get some crazy fresh 10er Ziegel 🍻

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